Finally got to cutting my Kari wig. It’s a bit short but at least it’s almost done.

April 11th — and with 4 notes

It was finally warm enough to go outside and work on wigs so my sister and I worked on our dangan ronpa cosplays. I did a good amount of work on my kirigiri wig by finally powdering it, fixing the bangs, arranging the braid, and I started the chalk dying process since the purple tint wasn’t warm enough. A day we’ll spent.

I started this a while ago but I’m finally done.

MagicalGirl!Maka. I think I wanna create an AU with this

Commission for a friend: A quick color of Haku and Chihiro from Spirited Away

Commission for my friend: A Quick Color of me and her in SNK uniforms. I drew this a while back and she really wanted me to color it, so I cleaned it up, edited it, and color it.

April 8th — and with 4 notes

Digidoodles, bruh

March 31st — and with 8 notes

So I started Noragami a little while ago

March 31st — and with 2 notes

Some doodles I did at work a while back. My co-worker made his own contributions

March 31st — and with 4 notes


1st Kyouko Kirigiri cosplay run. I tried her makeup for the first time today and got every part of her outfit I got together so far. I still need to finish a bunch of stuff up but so far so good

Roommates (SoMa Week Day 1)

Summary: ”Maka looked over to her partner, whose face was scrunched in a frown as he grumbled into his cup ramen. She’d done it again.”

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